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TOP mast by Reptile-masts - 100% made in Italy

For the highest top-end performance. The FIBRA 100 SDM is our most individual and powerful product line, one of the lightest, best performing race masts available today. The center of gravity is low, and the reflex response is the quickest of any mast in our line. This is THE MAST, on which every year we spend more time, efforts, resources to improve it, making it better, faster, lighter, more durable, reliable, technical; using the best fibres, spending more time to spread the carbon plies on the mandrels, measuring every single millimeter on the bend curve machine, listening all the feedbacks from PWA riders; details that make the difference between winning or losing a race. As the entire Reptile collection, we have used the prepreg technology and kept the whole production in Italy, which ensures and guarantees the top quality that is the trademark of every Reptile Masts product.



  • Carbon quality: T800
  • CBX Full Bottom Shield
  • The REPTILE NATURAL BENDCURVE. A multi-axis fibre placement, geometries and efficient layups allow the Reptile masts to match in a natural way to the different sail designs.
  • AUTOCLAVE production process
  • REPTILE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM. Higher accuracy than industry standard IMCS measured in 9 points, with less distance between to precisely match all the sails in the market
  • AUTOMATICALLY CUTTED PLY SYSTEM. Each carbon ply is cut by machine to increase build accuracy.
  • MATTE FINISH for smoother mast sleeve insertion.
  • EDGE PROTECTION SYSTEM on all the sides, an extra ply to protect the unidirectional fibres from delaminating and splinters
  • EQUALIZED LENGTH TECHNOLOGY , to keep the gravity center lower and to reduce the overall length when the masts in two pieces
  • T900 FIBRES CYLINDRICAL FERRULE for perfect connections and incread reflex.
  • High quality PVC CONICAL PLUG on the top sections’ top end
  • Extra padded REPTILE MAST BAG to store the mast safely during transport.
  • MADE IN ITALY, to be sure that mechanical qualities are failure-proof.



lenght  carbon%   IMCS   type   weight (KG)   equipment 
  370    100   16 SDM       1,30   Mastbag
  400    100   19 SDM       1,35   Mastbag
  430    100    21 SDM       1,65   Mastbag
  460    100    25 SDM       1,74   Mastbag
  490    100    29 SDM       1,85   Mastbag


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