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 This is nothing you have ever seen or experienced before. Shaped as wing of airplane, where  one side is absolutely flat and another is curved, sail delivers superior performance.  After tack is changed, our sail, like shape shifter, totally changes its shape!  Side that once was strait becomes curved and the one that was curved becomes strait.  Just like traditional sail  our sail is sailable both tacks with no change  in performance, speed and agility.  Aerodynamic properties of wing, give our sail superior capabilities in handling and speed. In fact it is so fast that needs to be declared illegal!
  We paid very close attention to even small   details  in  development  every single aspect of our sail, starting from aero profile to quality of sailing surfaces. We got slick, laminar, modern and very ridgit product ,virtually suitable for every level of sailors.  If you are average, advanced, or speed junkie, our sail is for you!  Enhanced aerodynamics of our sail produce very gentle, strong and steady pull in all wind conditions! Moderate wind or strong gale doesn't matter. Put it on speed board and it will give you speed or hook it to free-ride and it will give you best ride ever! No need to change anything for entire wind range, no tune up or special equipment. Our sail can handle it all, from light moderate wind to hurricane.  All depends on your preferences and desires! We design our machine to be used with your existing gear. There is no need for special mast or boom, or board. Our sail can power up whatever you have. 

This is first in the world asymmetrical, reversible, soft wing windsurfing sail.

MW Sail is very light. It is engineered with modern carbon fiber parts and inflatable structure inside.

Inflatable camber inducer, contributes to enormous impact resistance. MW sail is fast and forgiving at the same time in fact we created  most user friendly sail in the world.

MW sail is float-able and  easiest water start  sail in deep waters. Three inflatable cells of camber inducer provide triple protection from losing float ability.  

All sail structure is located inside of double surfaced skin.  Smooth, stitch free sail surfaces have minimal surface turbulence. This is the only laminar flow, turbulent free sail on the market.

Like a wing of an airplane, MW Sail has enormous wind range.

Wing sail never overpowers.  Thanks to wing profile, leading edge stall never occurs. Wing always has very consistent pull and delivers stable performance in all wind speeds.

Inflatable Camber Inducer

Internal camber inducer is the main part of sail mechanics. While using light pressure, 2.5 PSI, to erect and reinforce sail profiles, cells are soft enough to withstand crash. During water starts, 3 separate cells insure sail float-ability with triple protection. Made out of light materials and yet strong and durable.

How Camber Inducer works: 

It consists of three, connected, air-filled pressurized cells (2.5 psi). Large back cell, connected to both sail surfaces with wrinkle compensators , while front, smaller cell, connected to the mast with cams, just like battens on regular sail  connected to the mast.  When sail is rigged, distance B (Fig.1) is much shorter than distance A (Fig.2).  It makes cells go of the center, just like regular (off center) mechanism. To prevent cells go farther than designed profile, camber restrictors installed on each side of the camber inducer. When sail changes its shape triggered by low pressure airflow, leading edge fabric travels around the mast, to compensate cross difference between left and right sail surfaces.  Because the whole system in constant motion, wrinkle compensators installed on each side of camber inducer.   

MW Sails Camber Inducer

As a result, you can see on the picture, that MW Sail is  asymmetrical, reversible soft-wing windsurfing sail.

Fully asymetrical softwing windsurfing sail

High Aspect Ratio

High aspect ratio of MW sail has best on the market L/D ratio. Narrow, high aspect ratio sail has excellent and smooth rotation during jibe. Compare to traditional sails, jibing with wing is much easier. 

MW sail has lifting component pointed 5 degrees more forward, than traditional sail. With wing sail you can use smaller fin and smaller board.


MW sail covers very wide wind range. When travel to windy destinations, you need only one sail. Thanks to high aspect ratio MW sail fits in compact size bag.  This is perfect for travel.

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