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As you all can see, MW Sails are like nothing ever been created and yet we constantly improving with new ideas and some of these ideas come from our customers. 

So what is new in this year edition of wing sails? 

As for durability

  • Inflatable parts got new, thicker and stronger bladder material. After testing, our pneumatics easily hold working pressure at least for 5 days.

  • Zippers. For those who sail in very sandy conditions, where zipper gets clogged with sand, we equipped our sail with special zippers where runner can be disengaged at the end. Now opening sand clogged zipper is not a problem at all! We not only resolve sand problem, but also if runner gets old and rusty, with new system it could be easily changed.

  • At the bottom of the sail where mast extension is, we made opening to accommodate euro pin system improving rigging and releasing pressure from zipper bottom end connection.

  • More reinforcements alone leading edge line, just to make things stronger.

  • Membrane welding system got some facelift. We did not have any problem with our welded joints, but we are still up for more techno stuff.

As for performance

Our first sail design was targeting comfort of sailing and immense wind range. However, during last season we have been in constant contact with many of you, our loyal customers, and also with people who knows some people and stuff. This is how our Speed line was born. Now, for this year, our agenda is even higher. Our customers wanted more speed and more power (Low/hi) at the same time maintaining easy handling and wide wind range. This is where our 2019 sail line NEXUS comes in.  From Latin nexus (“the act of binding together; bond”).

Per your feedback comments and pictures, and of course from pure logic our wing sail profile undergone serious facelift.  We divided sail in two areas, power generating and slow pressure release. This approach totally changed trailing edge outline. Power (lift) generating area at the bottom of the sail got more consistent width, while pressure release top area got progressively narrow. For power generating area we changed thickness, shape and increased length of the whole area. Now thick profile goes all the way down to the first batten. With low center of lift large part of power goes straight to the board. With this very powerful setup riders feel less strain on arms without giving away speed and acceleration. Combining this with progressively narrow top, sail gains its immense stability, while charging full speed downwind. Narrow, progressive leech area allowing sail to use its full length for lift generation when sailing upwind. Basically we beefed-up every feature of original design, adding more balance without changing fundamental core of the concept.  Nexus got more muscle maintaining quality of never been overpowered by wind. Nexus is the machine that is capable of taking your windsurfing ability to the next level and change your full perception of wind handling.

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